Symphony Orchestra Concerto Competition

The Symphony Orchestra Concerto Competition takes place every year, and is open to students of all disciplines who are full-time students in the Mead Witter School of Music.  Students compete in preliminary rounds in each departmental area (strings, woodwinds, brass, piano, percussion, voice). The final round takes place in the Mead Witter Foundation Concert Hall. Each year, up to three winners are selected to perform their concerto, either in the following Spring or next Fall, with the UW-Madison Symphony Orchestra.

2022 Dates

September 19: Competition Application Opens
October 10: Application Closes
October 12: Applicant Information shared with area chairs
October 31: Deadline for area chairs to submit finalist(s) names
November 7: Finalists Announced
November 10: Deadline for area chairs to communicate judges/outside judges for finals
November 28: Competition Finals
November 29: Results Posted