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Practice Rooms
How to access practice rooms
  1. Complete an online application no earlier than two weeks before classes begin.
  2. If paying for practice rooms by credit card (online only), access will be activated by the end of the next business day (often sooner).
  3. If paying for practice rooms by WiscCard, visit the School of Music office in 3561 Humanities during business hours to make payment.
  4. After access is activated, exchange your UW-Madison student ID card for a practice room key, according to the guidelines below.
  5. Violations or inappropriate behavior may result in revocation of practice room access.
Frequently Asked Questions
Who may use the practice rooms?
Music students and students enrolled in a music course requiring practice will be authorized to use practice rooms. Your major area of study will determine what color code you are assigned:
  • Blue - piano majors
  • Green - voice majors
  • Yellow - instrumental, composition and theory majors
  • Orange - organ majors
  • Red - percussion majors
  • White - non-music majors enrolled in courses requiring practice
  • Special Room Access - If you are enrolled in a course that will involve your working/practicing in a "special use" room (e.g., gamelan room, harp rooms), you will need special access authorization for that room. Please obtain authorization in Room 1530 Humanities.
Where do I get a key to a practice room?
The Key Desk is located in 1631 Humanities. Students enrolled in music courses will exchange their UW ID card for a key. No other forms of ID are accepted.
When is the Key Desk open?
Regular fall and spring semester hours are 8 am-11 pm, Monday-Saturday, and 10 am-11 pm on Sundays. These hours are subject to change at holidays and breaks in the academic calendar. Summer hours are 9am - 4pm except during the 8-week summer session, when they are open until 10pm.

* White color code users may practice any of the above times except between 11 am and 4 pm, Monday-Friday. These hours of peak activity are reserved for music majors only.
How long may I practice?
You may practice as long as you like, at any time* you like, within the hours the Key Desk is open. If you are not practicing please return the key so that others may practice. Always observe the 15-minute rule.
Where may I rehearse chamber music if an individual practice room is too small for 4+ people?
Reserve classroom space in 1530 Humanities. One person should have specific dates/times in mind that work for the entire group before entering 1530, for the sake of efficiency.
Practice Room Policies
15-Minute Rule
Students may be away from their practice rooms for a maximum of 15 minutes. When students are attending classes, lessons, rehearsals or meals, keys must be returned to the Key Desk in Room 1631 so that others may use the practice rooms. No key should ever leave the building.
Your room must be left in neat condition for the next occupant, regardless of the condition in which it was found. No food or drink (except water) is allowed in the practice rooms! If a practice room or rehearsal room is found in sub-standard condition, you must leave it up to standard. Then notify the Key Desk Monitor of any improprieties.

Priority Policy
Music majors have priority over non-music majors with white card codes. Music majors may take full advantage of this right by cordially asking a non-music major to relinquish his or her room.

If a problem occurs in a practice room, please report it by filling out a TLC form that may be found in each practice room. Submit completed forms to the Key Desk Monitor.

In case of life-threatening emergency, call UW Police (9-1-1) from your cell phone or the security telephone located outside the building on the 2nd floor walkway (east side) near the Chazen Art Museum, 10 feet past the "Art" door.

General Access: Upright pianos, all general instrumentalists. Yellow and White.
$55.00 per semester, $105.00 per year

Grand Piano Access: Blue (piano majors) and Green (voice majors).
$65.00 per semester, $125 per year

Percussion Access: Only with percussion professor's approval. Red.
$70.00 per semester, $135.00 per year

Organ Access: Only with organ professor's approval. Orange.
$55.00 per semester, $105.00 per year

$30.00 per semester, $50.00 per year

Each student provides his or her own padlock.

$25.00 required degree recital

$35.00 non-degree recital

Pay recital fee only AFTER securing recital date with Facilities staff.

Facilities Manager
Patrick Coughlin
Phone: 608-263-1893
Mailing address: UW-Madison School of Music,
1530 Humanities, 455 N. Park Street, Madison WI 53706